Mother Sues over TSA Agents' Refusal of Alternate Breast Milk Screening & Harassment

A mother is suing the Transportation Security Administration and its agents in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for the humiliation and detention she faced for requesting the alternate screening process for breast milk.

Essentially, Stacey Armato, the plaintiff mother, requested the alternative screening of the breast milk (for her 7 month old son), which has been established by the TSA guidelines as a medical liquid eligible for such screening since 2007, and the TSA agents subjected her to a 40 minute isolation in a glass encased structure with continual interrogation and various harassment tactics.

Apparently, the plaintiff had requested alternate screening the week before, hoping to prevent the milk from enduring the potential  radiation that x-rays entail. She claims the agents had "seen her coming," due to her prior experience, and was even threatened with being arrested due to her request and insistence the agents follow the policy.

Additionally, she was eventually forced to pour the milk into smaller containers, despite the TSA regulations allowing for larger than 3 oz. containers, and had pictures taken of the milk and was told to write down her personal contact information on a scrap piece of paper which an agent then placed in his pocket, nearly missing her flight. Suspiciously, although the plaintiff was able to obtain surveillance video of the incident, an estimated 30 or so minutes are missing, including the writing down of the information.

Know your Rights

If you have been subjected to similar harassment by the TSA, you should contact an experienced Personal Injury or Tort attorney to pursue your potential legal claim. While the stress of being in the airport can be overwhelming, you may have recourse for improper or illegal action by TSA agents.