Plaintiff in Employment Suit Loses over Tattoo

A Pennsylvania U.S. District Court judge says yes.

Ronald Scavone sued Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), because it would not hire him as a Liquor Enforcement Officer because of a tattoo.  While he met all the requirements, Scavone's job was made conditional on the removal of one of his 10 tattoos, a jester,  in accordance with the organization's well established tattoo policy.

Any and all visible tattoos are subject to review by the PSP for offensiveness or potential reflection on the government, and whether they would interfere with undercover work, which LEOs do extensively.

Scavone's suit claimed that the condition that he remove the tattoo in order to be employed violated his Free Speech and Equal Protection rights.

The judge found in favor of the PSP, holding that the policy was well established, thus not retaliatory, and in fact acknowledged by the plaintiff, and that it further was rationally related to a legitimate government interest.

Employment Discrimination

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