Following some urging from a conservative Florida group that lobbies for the promotion of "traditional, biblical values," Lowe's decided to pull its ads from the TLC show, "All American Muslim." In defending its decision, Lowe's claims that the show has become a "lightning rod," apparently in its view airing discontent with various things.

One of the senators from the state where the show takes place in Michigan, Ted Lieu, said in an interview, "The show is basically about Americans who happen to be Muslim," "For Lowe's to say that the show is dangerous, or agree that it's dangerous or somehow showing anything other than American Muslims as normal, is quite outrageous."

If the decision to pull the ads was merely a business one, it probably would have gone unnoticed, it's the nature of the decision that has Muslim and non-Muslim groups alike voicing concerns. Some calling for boycotts and protests.