A man in Texas that is suspected of murdering his friend was released from jail yesterday because the prosecutors did not file the appropriate paperwork. There is a 90-day limit in Texas after a person is arrested for the appropriate charging documents to be filed. Since no papers were filed within 90 days, a State District Judge released the suspected murderer.

Richard Mendoza is suspected of murdering Christopher Daigle in 2002. Apparently the two were out hunting and Mendoza thought that Daigle was flirting with his girlfriend, so he shot Daigle in the back of the head. Daigle’s remains were not found until August of this year. Once DNA testing was completed on the remains, Mendoza was arrested.

Released, but not Close to Being Over

While it appears Mendoza has won a small victory in being released, the DA, John Healey, is confident that this case will ultimately “lead to a conviction.” Reports state that Mendoza was released on his own recognizance, which means he paid no bail. Mendoza was ordered to wear an electronic monitor so that he may be tracked. The victim’s family feels that Mendoza should never have been allowed out of jail. In fact, had the appropriate documents been filed, Mendoza would still be in custody.

Do you think that Mendoza should have been released?