McDonald's & Target Pull Eggs from Shelves After Cruelty Video Surfaces

McDonald's and Target announced their severance with the Minnesota based egg supplier Litchfield-based Sparboe Farms after this incredibly disturbing video of hidden camera footage surfaced, courtesy of an animal rights group. (Warning: the video details quite inhumane treatment of chickens, which might be disturbing to some viewers.)

Target stated that it was not only no longer using the supplier, but that it was also pulling any of the supplier's remaining eggs off of its shelves.

In addition to the footage detailing abuse, Sparboe was also recently cited for violating federal food regulations related to preventing salmonella, including insufficient rodent control.

In its defense, the president of the company said in a statement that she, "was deeply saddened . . . because this isn't who Sparboe Farms is. Acts depicted in the footage are totally unacceptable and are completely at odds with our values as egg farmers. In fact, they are in direct violation of our animal care code of conduct." Unfortunately, it may only take the misbehavior of a handful of employees to tarnish a company's reputation.

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