Two-year-old Sky Metalwala has been missing for a little over a week now. His last known whereabouts was with his mother, Julia Biryukova. Biryukova told police that she was driving to the hospital on November 6th with Sky and his 4-year-old sister when she ran out of gas. Reports indicate she told police that she then took her daughter with her to get help but left little Sky alone in the car – unlocked.

Law & Order Similarities

The day before Sky was reported missing a Law & Order episode aired that depicted a woman that told police she had left her young son in the car while she went inside a store. Upon return to the car she found her son missing. Unfortunately, the ending on the show has the boy’s remains located on a remote beach and his parents were to blame. No abduction occurred. The police in Bellevue, Washington are aware of the episode and of the similarities this real life case.

Mother’s Story not Adding up

Biryukova’s story doesn’t add up for police. She had indicated she was headed to the hospital because the boy was ill. But, if your child is sick enough to need to go to the hospital, why would you leave him in the car? Also, police have noted that the car still had gas in it and after testing the car, nothing else appeared wrong with it mechanically.

Bitter Custody Battle

Unfortunately this case also has a bitter custody battle in the middle of it. Biryukova and her husband, Solomon Metalwala, had reached a tentative visitation agreement the week before Sky went missing. That agreement was then turned down by Sky's mother just two days before the boy went missing. Sky’s father has indicated he feels that Biryukova is mentally ill and he mentioned a dream his wife had where “she was strangling Sky.” Biryukova is from the Ukraine and despite having lived in the United States since she was 12, there are concerns that she may wish to smuggle Sky out of the county to get back at her husband.

With all of these facts and potential motives, it is hard to come to an opinion that does not include the mother.  What do you think?