Free Answers to Frequently Asked Legal Questions: Topamax

I have blogged before about the numerous resources LawInfo has to offer in the field of Harmful Drugs. Aside from the general Harmful Drug information page, LawInfo also offers various resource pages that contain additional information about individual drugs. For example, Topamax, one of the most prescribed drugs used to treat epilepsy, can cause an increased risk of birth defects if used by women who are pregnant.

On you can find answers to some of your frequently asked questions about Topamax, for example:

  • Q: What Are The Topamax Side Effects?
    A: Topamax side effects are usually listed on the side of your prescription bottle.  However, some of the more severe side effects include birth defects like cleft … More
  • Q: What Is A Cleft Palate?
    A: A cleft palate and cleft lip can be relatively minor or incredibly severe.  Generally, a child may have a small notch in the lip all the way up to a … More
  • Q: What Are Some Topamax Secondary Effects?
    A: Like many prescription drugs, Topamax has several side effects including: Unusual burning or tingling sensations Dizziness Fatigue Drowsiness Mental and physical … More
  • Q: Have Doctor’s Prescribed Topamax for Weight Loss?
    A: Yes.  While Topamax was never approved by the FDA to help with weight loss, many doctors actually did prescribe the drug to help patients lose … More

What to do if you have been affected by using Topamax

Drug manufacturers are liable for harms their products cause consumers. If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by using Topamax, you should contact and experienced Topamax attorney in your area to discuss your potential legal claims.