Black Friday, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday, where retailers slash prices to unbelievable steals, is notorious for hysterical crowds causing unintentional injuries. The thrill of early morning shopping and deeply discounted prices, can cause people to rush the doors and force them open before its time. This is the scenario that resulted in the death of a Walmart employee. This article details the "13 Most Brutal Black Friday Injuries," which seem to include a disproportionate amount of incidents at the global retailer. This year, Walmart released their Black Friday ad well in advance on their Facebook page. In addition to the early notice, the retailer will be opening at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day for "Toys and More," then at 12 for Electronics.

I had seriously considered fairing the crowds to make my way to the Black Friday sales at Walmart, but after seeing how scary crowds can get, I think I'll save my shopping for Cyber Monday.

If you decide to make it out to a Black Friday sale, please stay safe!