The Mexican interior minister, Jose Francisco Blake Mora, was aboard a helicopter that crashed Friday in the Xochimilco area south of Mexico City. There were nine people on the helicopter, seven passengers and two crew members, and there are no survivors.

Mora was a Mexican lawyer and since July 2010 he was a key figure in the battle against the drug cartels that are reeking havoc on the country. Mexico is facing a battle with drug cartels that has lead to tens of thousands of people’s deaths since President Calderon took office in December 2006. The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon addressed the nation after news of the accident broke and is quoted saying that Mora “was above all a great Mexican who deeply loved his country.” Mora, who was 45 years old, was married and has two children.

Weather a Potential Cause of the Crash

While there is no official answer yet as to what caused the crash, the weather may have had something to do with it. Some may feel that Mora’s role in Mexico’s fight against the drug cartels could have something to do with the crash, but the helicopter has been “guarded at all times by the presidential guard”. Despite some rumors of this being an assassination, heavy fog is a potential cause of the accident.

Second Interior Minister to Die in a Crash

Mora was not the first interior minister under Calderon’s administration to die in an aviation accident. Three years ago, Juan Camilo Mourino, was in an airplane crash in Mexico City. There was said to be no foul play in that accident. Interestingly, Mora’s last tweet on his Twitter account was on November 4th and it said, "Today we remember Juan Camilo Mourino three years after his departure, a human being who worked on building a better Mexico."