Jagex, a company that created an online fantasy role-playing game (Runescape), was granted the ability to subpoena the personal information of cheating players, even though the same information is under seal in a related case in Massachusetts.

The suit is based on the fact that the players (being sued) use "bot" software that, "enables its users to cheat fellow players by completing in-game tasks and advancing characters with little or no human participation, thereby giving Bot users significant unfair and contractually prohibited advantages over legitimate players."

Jagex sued the creator of the bot software, Impulse, last February, and decided to file a separate suit against the users of the software, this past June. Jagex warned the users that the use of such software was against the terms of playing the game, and if they did not cease, they would face banning from the game or suit stemming from copyright infringement.

Thus, the game company, Jagex, is essentially suing the cheaters for copyright infringement by using the product.

What do you think? Should the cheaters be sued by Jagex?

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