The mother of a baby who went missing in the middle of the night in Kansas City earlier this month revealed Monday that she was drunk when the baby disappeared, according to yahoo news. The mother, however, maintains that she did nothing to harm the child.

The father reportedly came home after working the night shift to a fully lit house, with the front door wide open, the mother and their two other children sleeping, and his baby missing.

Originally Bradley told police that she had last seen her daughter at 10:30 pm when she checked on her while she was sleeping. In contrast, in yesterday's interview on NBC's "Today" show, Bradley revealed that she last saw her daughter when she put her to bed around 6:40 pm. She gave no reason for her story change.

Bradley proceeded to get drunk after she put her kids to sleep and believed that she may have blacked out. When asked about how much wine she had consumed that night Bradley was unsure, but estimated that she had somewhere between 5-10 glasses of wine. Moreover, Bradley said that she often drinks large quantities after she puts her children to sleep and also takes anxiety medication, which she had taken the night that her daughter went missing.

In addition, Bradley told NBC in a heart-felt interview that she believes that she will soon be arrested in conjunction with her daughter's disappearance. Nonetheless, Bradley asserted that her she did not harm her daughter.

Bradley does not see the problem with her late night drinking, maintaining that she is a good mother who is entitled to do what she wants on her own time.

Monday, FBI agents searched the family's house and the surrounding area, but unfortunately the baby has yet to turn up.

Irresponsible Mother or Murder Suspect

Bradley and her husband have hired counsel, Joe Tacopina, to defend Bradley's case if she is prosecuted. Tacopina's stance on the case is that the parents are always the first to be suspects in cases such as these, but insists that "they have nothing to hide."

First of all, there is no question that Bradley acted irresponsibly when she decided to drink in excess on a Tuesday night while her three young children were asleep. Also, the fact that she did it with regularity does not help her case.

Regarding a possible intentional murder theory, it is a bit suspicious that Bradley changed her story regarding the time that she had last checked on her daughter. Additionally, it is convenient that the father was not present at the time that his daughter went missing.

However, Bradley may have lied the first time because she was scared that an admission of irresponsibility could be used against her by police. Furthermore, both of these assertions are merely circumstantial evidence and conjecture at this point.

To me it seems more like the mother acted negligently, which could lead to a child abuse charge.  Or in an extreme circumstance, if the baby does not turn up, she could be charged with involuntary manslaughter because it is likely that a jury could find that she was grossly negligent or even reckless in her actions or lack thereof.

Nevertheless, the whole story has yet to be told and it will be interesting to see what happens as more evidence comes to the forefront.

The most important thing, however, is that the baby is somewhere out there and is safe and sound. Hopefully she turns up soon.

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