There's More to Marriage under the Law than Divorce

Although the events surrounding legal separation or divorce involve potentially complicated legal issues, and equally complicated emotional and financial situations, legal issues regarding marriage arise even when divorce never comes into the picture.

For example, the commonly known legal document, referred to as a prenuptial agreement, can benefit many people, not just "wealthy people" or celebrities. Prenuptial agreements can be an especially helpful tool for couples entering into subsequent marriages, for example, since the couple presumably has assets, properties, and sometimes even children from previous marriages. It is especially important to have an experienced marriage attorney involved in drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreement to ensure that certain details are not overlooked, and also to ensure that spouses are not being taken advantage of. Some states have several legal requirements in order to uphold the validity of such documents, should they ever be challenged.

Additionally, the merging of resources can be a complicated matter, especially regarding potential tax consequences, consolidating real estate holdings, or if other legal issues are involved, such as revising estate plans, or issues related to debts incurred prior to the marriage, etc.  For example, should your partner file for bankruptcy prior to marriage?

LawInfo Marriage Resources

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