According to an article on yahoo sports, law enforcement officials confiscated a 2.5 lb. shipment of marijuana from the home of Cincinnati Bengals wideout Jerome Simpson last Wednesday. Bengals offensive tackle Anthony Collins was also present when police took the marijuana from Simpson's home in Crestview, Kentucky

Authorities seized the package after the  California Department of Justice had tracked the shipment from California for two days.

A woman at Simpson's home named Aleen Smith signed for the package before the police took possession of it. Afterwards, Simpson gave law enforcement officials permission to search his home. It was then that the officials found more than 6 additional pounds of marijuana and drug paraphernalia,  including packaging materials, scales, and smoking devices.

Furthermore, the head of the National Marijuana Initiative, a government-funded organization that coordinates marijuana enforcement, reported that he believed that Simpson's home was set up as a place of marijuana distribution.

Simpson and Collins were detained, however, they have yet to be arrested.

No Suspension by the NFL?

According to, although Simpson was kept out of practice on both Thursday and Friday of last week, he was still allowed to play in last Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers. The team decided to give Simpson the benefit of the "innocent until proven guilty" presumption because he had been active in the community throughout his time with the Bengals.

It is a surprise that Simpson has yet to be suspended because NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been awful trigger happy ever since he took the position of commissioner back in 2006. Accordingly, it will probably just be a matter of time before Simpson, and possibly Collins, will learn of their respective punishments.

Simpson's Legal Repercussions

Although it is early in this case, if the allegations are true this is another case that leaves me scratching my head. Why would a professional football player like Simpson who is constantly in the spotlight and who also makes hundreds of thousands of dollars of year risk his livelihood by participating in a marijuana distribution operation?

The amount of marijuana that Simpson had in his possession alone suggests that he probably had an intent to distribute it. Whats more is that the marijuana was shipped by mail across state lines, a federal offense, which means that Simpson is likely to be prosecuted federally.

Simpson's future playing career looks to be bleak as it looks as if he will likely face some significant prison time. However, maybe its all just a big misunderstanding.

What do you think?