Legal to be naked in public in San Francisco

Public nudity has been in the news lately in San Francisco, as several men have been walking around the City, primarily in the Castro district, completely nude. You cannot watch the evening news without some sort of coverage of the event. Even I was shocked to learn that it is not illegal to be nude in public in San Francisco.

Apparently, simply being without clothing in public is not a crime. Engaging in lewd conduct, or being naked while aroused is a crime. Thus, the unassuming naked men wandering the streets and carrying about their business, are not committing an arrestable offense.

It is unclear the form this law takes, i.e. whether it is a positive law, stating "nudity is not a crime," or, what I believe is the case, there is simply no law addressing the matter, only ones outlining the above stated limitations regarding lewd conduct and arousal.

San Francisco supervisors considering regulations to address nudists

The proposal would require that naked persons place a garment or some other barrier between themselves and a seat, when they are in public. It would also require that they cover up before entering a restaurant, an iteration of the "no shoes, no shirt, no service," motto of the food industry.