Florida’s Department of Children and Families concluded today that Casey Anthony is responsible for her daughter Caylee’s death, although the state will not take any further action as a result of the report. Anthony was acquitted of murder and child neglect charges last month, prompting public outcry. Although she was convicted of four counts of misleading law enforcement authorities, Anthony was released soon after because of credit given for the time she already served between her arrest and the end of her seven-week trial.

The Department of Children and Families concluded that the actions or the lack of actions by Anthony ultimately resulted or contributed in the death of Caylee. The state agency stated that Anthony was "the caregiver responsible for the verified maltreatments of death, threatened harm and failure to protect" in her daughter's death. It found that Anthony’s failure to act for the 31 days while her daughter was missing "delayed and interfered with a law enforcement investigation and best efforts to safely recover the child" but that there were "no indicators" that Caylee's death was caused by physical injury. The agency further found that it was "not substantiated" that Caylee died of asphyxiation,  both points of great controversy during the trial.

Anthony had been investigated by the Department of Children and Families in September, 2008 when it found that Anthony failed to adequately supervise and threatened harm to Caylee, although the agency fell short of finding any indicators of physical injury. A month later, Anthony was indicted by the grand jury on murder and other charges.

The report noted in its recommendations section that George Anthony, Caylee’s grandfather, “should have been interviewed for the missing person report.” Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, claimed that George Anthony was involved in Caylee’s disappearance and covered up her death. Prosecutors attempted to show that Caylee was suffocated with chloroform and duct tape at the hands of her mother, rendering her unconscious and eventually killing her.

Today’s report by the Department of Children and Families closes the agency’s investigation of the case.