It’s summer time, and in most places it’s time to break out the bikinis and board shorts to hit the beach.  When most of us think of burns at the beach, we think of sunburns because we forgot to put on suntan lotion, but one New York woman had a completely different kind of burn to deal with.

How Did A Bikini Burn Robin Corrente?

The New York woman was ready to finally get a tan.  Corrente, 50, took out her black Coco Reef swimsuit that had been sitting in her drawer for a while.  She wore it on a 90 degree afternoon in August of 2008.  So far, the story seems pretty bland, a woman wearing a black bikini outside is nothing revolutionary, however this bikini came with an underwire that apparently was not quite meant for as much sun as Corrente wanted.

The underwire in the bikini apparently superheated after about an hour. Corrente said, “after about an hour, I was hurting, I went up to take a shower and I realized…I had a lot of blisters.”  She soon went to the hospital and her worst fears were confirmed, she had suffered serious burns.  At the hospital, the doctors had to remove a piece of flesh “the size of a dime” from her right breast.  She has now filed a lawsuit against Swimwear Anywhere, the manufacturer of the Coco Reef swimsuit.

What Kind Of Damages Can Corrente Get?

Assuming everything that Corrente is saying is correct, she might be able to succeed in her lawsuit against Swimwear Anywhere.  First, she would have to prove that she suffered actual injuries from the bikini top and not from some other source.  If she can successfully show that the underwire actually heated up enough to cause the serious burns, then she would have to prove her damages.  Her damages could include things like her medical bills, if she missed time from work, payment for her humiliation or loss of consortium, as well as for her pain and suffering.

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