Every parent has a single wish for their child: to be healthy.  But what happens if your child is born with cerebral palsy?  Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy and other birth injuries are usually caused not by nature, but by a mistake of a doctor or hospital.  For many parents, the cost to provide for a child with cerebral palsy can be overwhelming.   While raising a child is expensive (the U.S. Government projects that it will cost at least $220,000 per child), raising a child with cerebral palsy can increase the cost of raising a child to over $900,000

How Much Money Can I Sue A Hospital Or Doctor For My Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

There is no magical figure of what a person can receive for their child’s cerebral palsy birth injury.  Each case will depend not only on the severity of the child’s injuries, but also on the specific facts of the case.  A Florida lawsuit, in which a family of a girl who suffered from cerebral palsy because of a mistake by the hospital, ended with a jury awarding the family $19.2 million.  Another trial ended with a family whose child suffered from cerebral palsy being awarded $13.9million.

However, a recent case that has gained national attention is the cerebral palsy lawsuit filed by Lance and Jennifer Schneider against Protestant Memorial Hospital.  The lawsuit alleges that their daughter suffered a serious brain injury after the doctor ruptured membranes in her head, failed to properly use a C-section and failed to use proper resuscitation techniques.  The child has several learning disabilities, problems hearing and other medical problems stemming from cerebral palsy and hypoxic brain injury.  The parents are suing for both the cerebral palsy damages as well as the child’s disfigurement, disability, and pain and suffering.

Cerebral Palsy can be caused by a brain injury that occurs before, during or shortly after birth. If the brain of a baby is deprived of oxygen, it can result in irreversible damage that leaves the child with developmental problems, loss of motor functions and other life-long injuries and disabilities associated with cerebral palsy.

If your child has been injured as a result of doctor malpractice, or if your child suffers from cerebral palsy, you should contact an experienced attorney immediately in order to protect your rights.