Assume for a moment that you don’t completely forget about Valentine’s Day, that you spend more than 30 seconds on a gift and you’re not completely inept, you’re probably ok.  However, these 3 simple rules are rarely followed and Valentine’s Day ends in heartbreak, glass break, or sometimes, a jail break.

Never Let The Other Man/Woman Ruin The Day

A young woman, Stephanie, was married to a guy, Chris.  She thought he seemed nice enough, he had a job and was sweet to her.  The only problem was that they both worked together.  That alone wasn’t really an issue, until she was transferred to another branch to help open a new store.  She was due to return right before Valentine’s Day (about 2 months away), and couldn’t wait to see what Chris had planned for her.  When she was transferred back to her office, she was congratulated by all her co-workers.  Confused, she asked why they were congratulating her; the reason: she was pregnant with Chris’ child.  The only problem, it was actually Chris’ girlfriend who was in fact pregnant.  Unsure how to take the news of Chris’ infidelities, she sought out Chris, only to find him at the other woman’s house.  Inevitably a fight ensued, a high heel went through a window, a table was broken, clothes burned, and several windows of a car were broken out.  By the time police came to break up the commotion, it was Valentine’s Day.  While not a picture of 2 love birds over a candlelight dinner, each did receive a mug shot that they will forever cherish

Despite The Outrageous Charge For Flowers, You Probably Shouldn’t Refer To The Seller As A Thief

Valentine’s day dinner was booked, Cheryl and Steve were ready to have a wonderful night on the town.  Both dressed up and couldn’t wait to eat at the trendy new restaurant.  After they were seated a young gentleman asked the man if he wanted to buy his wife flowers.  He politely declined the offer since he had already had roses delivered to her office earlier that day.  The young man decided to press his luck a bit and asked Steve again.  Again, Steve declined the offer.  The young man asked if Steve loved his wife, Steve answered of course he did, to which the young man asked why he wouldn’t buy her flowers.  Getting slightly irritated at this point, Steve explained he already had roses delivered to his wife’s office.  Through further questioning the young man began to insult Steve, Steve’s job, and Steve’s physical appearance.  Unable to stand it anymore, Steve asked how much the roses were; the man replied $100 a rose.  Steve stared at the young man incredulously, his jaw slack.  He took out his wallet and paid the man $100.  The young man walked over to the next table and sold the gentleman there a rose for $15.  Steve could not believe the young man, calling him a thief, a user and a scoundrel.  A yelling match ensued, the police were called, and both ended up talking to the police throughout the night