Powerbalance wrist bands, those hologram-embedded band that are suppose to help with balance, flexibility and strength, are a complete scam. Despite a host of celebrity endorsements from several professional athletes, Powerbalance was forced to admit that the wristbands do not work. While the announcement occurred in Australia, the news has spread around the world.

The CEO of Power Balance Australia told ABC, “We’d made claims in the start that said that our product improved strength, balance and flexibility. And we didn’t have the scientific peer-reviewed double blind testing or the level of proof that we needed to substantiate those claims.”

Lawsuits Filed

According to TMZ, there has been a class action filed in L.A. County Superior Court alleging that “consumers were duped into believing the hologram-embedded band was scientifically proven to enhance balance, flexibility and strength.” The class action suit, brought by plaintiff attorneys Panish Shea & Boyle and Filippo Marchino of the X-Law Group, states that after admitting there was no scientific evidence that supported the representations they were making, they continued to mislead the public and have sold over 3million units in 3 years. The class action suit is seeking $5million in damages.

What Is A class Action Lawsuit
A class action is a case brought against a company whose actions have damaged a group of people in a similar way. A single person who has been injured may bring a class action on behalf of everyone who has been harmed. Here, the plaintiff attorneys are claiming that consumers were harmed because of misleading advertisements by Powerbalance. The group would be all of those who purchased a Powerbalance band, which should be about 3 million people.