With the $335 million dollar Mega Millions Lottery over, it’s time to reflect on some of the issues of winning the lottery.  First, congratulations to the 2 people who purchased tickets with the winning numbers.  Additionally, as TMZ noted, the numbers were eerily similar to Hurley’s, from Lost, winning Loto jackpot (4-8-15-25-47-42 for the Mega Millions vs 4-8-15-16-23-42 for Lost).  In fact, if you used Hurley’s numbers, you would have won $150, not bad for watching far too much TV.

What Do You Do Next?

The first question, did you win?  If the answer is no, well, you don’t have too many worries other than what numbers should you pick next time.  However, you should not rely on the lottery to provide a retirement plan for you (and if you have a gambling addiction, please seek help).  If you did win, you are undoubtedly in a fantastic mood.  There are plenty of articles available online describing what you should do if you’ve won the lottery, however they all lack 1 thing:  Specific information for your particular situation.  This is the key to actually keeping your lottery winnings and not ending up as a horror story.

Horror Stories Of Lottery Winners

There are multiple stories of Lottery winners who say they received a terrible curse or that their family is destroyed as a result of their winnings.  The one example that was recently featured on television, is the story of Jack Whittaker.  Whittaker had won the largest individual-payout Powerball lottery jackpot ever ($315 million).  However, his granddaughters used the money from the lottery to purchase several cars, which she crashed, and eventually overdose on drugs.  He was then served with several lawsuits, was the target of thievery and turned to drinking.  Another example is Janite Lee who won $18 million, but 8 years after winning, filed for bankruptcy with only $700 left.

The One Thing To Do

Hire someone to help you plan your economic future.  Whether this is a business planner, and attorney or an accountant, pick someone outside of your family and friends to help you.  This will allow you to minimize taxes and keep your money intact.