While not everything that a celebrity did was illegal this year, far too many celebrities went before a judge for a violation of law.  Sadly, many of these celebrities were also involved in things from sex tapes, multiple affairs, to drugs and plenty of property damage.  With the year quickly coming to an end, but with enough time for a celebrity or 2 to do something incredibly stupid, we name our top 10 worst celebrity scandals of 2010.

1. Charlie Sheen’s NY Hotel Meltdown with a Porn Star/ Alleged Hooker

After Charlie’s “accidental overdose” in a hotel room with a woman, who is a porn star, hit major news outlets, this had all the makings of a great celebrity scandal.  First, we have a man who is paid ungodly sums of money to work on a show that is marginal at best.  Next, we have Charlie Sheen, someone who has had serious substance abuse problems in the past.  Third, we have a completely trashed hotel room.  Fourth, we have a porn star who might also be a paid escort.  Fifth, there is some evidence of Charlie trying to pay off Capri Anderson.  Finally, we have the accusation that a potential paid escort stole Charlie Sheen’s watch. Can you even make this up? 

2. Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva’s taped phone calls and child proceedings

A very close second, but the Mel Gibson taped (and allegedly altered) phone conversations were fairly incredible.  This includes threats to bury her in the rose garden, forcing her to commit sexual acts, and saying that she deserves to be raped because of what she was dressed in.  There was plenty of he said/she said in this case, and also a request for $40,000 per month in child support.  If nothing else, Gibson has taken to hiding a bit in order to avoid some of the media storm since his last outburst (it involved, police, another ethnic slur, and plenty of blowback).  With his new movie coming out, who knows how everything will play out. 

3. David Arquette having an affair and talking about it on Howard Stern

Not only did Arquette cheat on his wife with Jasmine Waltz, he went on the Howard Stern program to tell the entire world about him having sex with a woman who wasn’t his wife.  His excuse?  He hadn’t had sex in a long time.  A divorce is hard, an affair is incredibly difficult to overcome, a discussion about your cheating ways on Howard Stern?  That’s not going to win you many friends.

4.  Lindsay Lohan, just everything about her

I don’t even know where to start.  The failed rehab attempts, the publicity grab the crazy parents.  It’s like trying to hit the ground with a tennis ball, it’s just too easy.  Though to get us started for 2011, “inside sources” (aka Lindsay’s mom) has said she might consider dancing with the stars, though Lindsay thinks her mom would be far better for the show.

5. Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia from A Bong

A video posted showing Miley Cyrus smoking Salvia from a bong. This of course, created massive controversy.  Enough said.  

6. Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock with Bombshell McGee

Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, was heartbroken after her husband, Jesse James, cheated on her with a tattoo model named Bombshell McGee.  This of course coincided with allegations that Jesse James and Bombshell McGee were both Neo-Nazis (literally, there were a few pictures that raised a couple of eyebrows).  All of this while Sandra Bullock was winning awards for her performance in the Blind Side.  The media could not stop asking questions and wondering what was next.  The end result, a divorce and a move to Texas, though Jesse James has also moved to Texas to try to rekindle their romance.  Bombshell McGee is on a stripping tour (seriously).     

7. Wesley Snipes finally going to Jail

What seems like 10 years ago, Wesley Snipes was found guilty of tax evasion (it was only about 2 years ago).  He has been fighting the sentencing the entire time.  However, Snipes finally ran out of options, he is now reporting to prison.  Let this serve as a reminder, you have to pay your taxes.  It doesn’t matter if you think it is unconstitutional, that the government will use it to spy on you, or whatever other reason, pay your taxes or end up in the pokey. 

8. Paris Hilton’s several drug possession charges from South Africa to Vegas

Paris Hilton is always good for a celebrity scandal or 2.  This year, she was busted several times with drugs on her private jet while taking in the games in South Africa.  Her friends took the blame, and everyone was let off with a fine.  Then she was found with cocaine in Vegas.  That alone is not incredibly shocking, what makes this story that much better is that she claimed she thought it was simply gum (she had walked into a casino after paparazzo swarmed her car and the police officer let her into her bag).  Gum rarely comes in white powder in a baggy, but hey, maybe it’s new designer gum?

9. Perez Hilton Child Porn Charges

Paparazzo’s take pictures of pretty much anything.  This includes the ill advised “up-skirt” photos that Perez Hilton published.  Those pictures showed Miley Cyrus’s naughty bits.  Perez Hilton, in his infinite wisdom, decided to post them without any type of censorship.  The problem?  Besides being completely disgusting to take pictures up someone’s skirt while they’re exiting a car, Miley was only 17.  That makes her a minor.  Taking, posting or possessing a sexually explicit picture of minor is a big no-no. 

10. Tom Brady’s Haircut

So you’ve won multiple championships, bring in millions upon millions a year, are married to one of the most attractive supermodels in the world, and the first few weeks of football all we can talk about is Tom Brady’s haircut.  Players went so far as to tell him he looks like a girl, some said he looked like Justin Beiber.  Regardless, if you’re one of the top quarterbacks in the league, you are in the running to win the super bowl this year, and all people talk about is your hair, you’re pretty amazing.