How many different stories have we heard about different celebrities getting in a variety of trouble (DUI for Lindsay Lohan, Stock manipulation by Martha Stewart, Charlie Sheen’s drug issues, Paris Hilton’s famous time behind bars, etc.)?  There are far too many names to name, but why are we so accepting of celebrities and not of regular prisoners?

By Amelia Shane

If celebrities are people we look up to, we should hold them to a higher standard.  However, every celebrity is human, they make mistakes, and they should be punished for breaking the law.  The problem that comes to mind is, why are celebrities so easily accepted back into society while someone with a minor conviction is not?  Lindsay Lohan and a front-runner for American Idol wore their SCRAM bracelets like a fashion accessory.  However, most people would be ashamed to have to wear such a thing.

Probation is an attractive option for most, in that they are not placed in prison, but they are subject to search at any time.  How often has a celebrity missed a probation hearing?  However, if someone were to miss a probation hearing, they should be put into jail or prison for a parole violation.  Even those out on parole have a difficult time finding work, even though a company should not discriminate against those with a criminal record, the sad truth is, many do.

Substance abuse is to blame for many of these actions, celebrity or not.  Robert Downey Jr. had a serious issue with cocaine and heroin; he was arrested for driving under the influence, rearrested for trespassing on a neighbor’s property while high, and several parole violations.  Anyone else would have been shunned from society, but today Downey is a movie star, again.  He deserved a second chance, but shouldn’t everyone?

Why do we accept celebrities back so easily?  We love a great story of redemption and overcoming the odds, but is it only when we see it as a story that we enjoy it?  Do people not want to view the hard work that goes into rehabilitating oneself everyday?