TMZ is reporting that Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson and mother of one of his children, is reportedly asking a judge this morning to order Mel Hibson into therapy for “anger issues.”  These anger issues could stem from the many leaked voicemails that Gibson left Oksana. Some of those voicemails included threats to bury her in a rose garden, to burn the house down, and hoping that she would be violated for the way she was dressed.  However, Oksana has also asked for $40,000 per month in child support.  So should a judge be able to order someone to therapy?

 Can A Judge Order Therapy?

This question depends on which state a person is in and what type of case they are involved in.  Here, in California, a child support case can allow a judge to order some type of counseling or therapy.  However, a person could either agree to go to counseling in exchange for something from the other party, or a person could refuse to go to therapy.  If the person refused to go to therapy, and the judge had already ruled that you had to attend a certain amount of therapy, you could be sent to jail (for a misdemeanor) or prison (for a felony).

 Who Pays For Therapy?

This depends on the circumstances.  However, if a judge were to order someone to therapy and they did not have the means to pay for therapy (or did not want to pay for their own therapy), then the state (or government) would be responsible to pay for therapy.  This is often seen as a more cost-effective solution that placing someone in jail or prison because they are not housed by the state and they may be able to work through their issues. Sometimes treatment will be therapy, or educational/vocational programs, especially if a juvenile is involved.