Jimmy McMillan’s gubernatorial campaign has taken a big hit.  Apparently, the man with some of the best facial hair of a politician since President Taft does not actually pay rent.  Somewhat ironic that the man heading the Rent Is Too Damn High Party doesn’t pay rent, instead he missed payments on his $800-a-month one-bedroom apartment in Flatbush and his landlord allowed him to live rent free in exchange for maintenance work according to the NYT.  Maybe the landlord wants too much work from him in exchange for his rent from the Karate Master?

What Can You Do If Your Rent Is Too Damn High?

Outside of the obvious (like searching for a different place), you might have a few options if you find you can no longer make your rent payments.  First, talk to your landlord; you may be able to work out a simple compromise such as a different payment date, or an installment plan.  Additionally, your landlord may be willing to work out a deal like McMillan has now, where, in exchange for work; the landlord will lower the rent.  This is especially common when the owner of the residence is a private owner and not a large management company.

Other Options To Help Pay Rent Or Mortgage?

Many people are struggling to either pay their rent or their mortgage by seeking alternative forms of income.  While a part-time job may help, others have decided to rent out rooms in their homes.  However, there are several issues when you rent out a room in your residence.  In some states you must apply for a license in order to rent out a room, in other states you may need to meet certain standards.  However, in all states, you need to supply a room that has some type of running water, heat and electricity.

There are many different potential pitfalls when it comes to renting out a room, but if you take some time and care it could help make ends meet.  It’s important to find a qualified candidate to rent your room.  It’s a good idea to ask for a security deposit and to follow up with their references.  However, you do need to make sure that any advertisement you post is not illegal (be careful in how you word your advertisement, you cannot discriminate).