By Mark Sweet, ESQ

Sadly today there was another shooting at a school.  Apparently, a gunman ran through the University of Texas randomly firing an AK-47 before shooting himself.  Others are reporting that the gunman opened fire with an assault rifle in the University of Texas campus library.  While reports continue to flood in, we can all agree that this is a rather sad case.  Perhaps the only positive news is that the only person seriously injured was the gunman himself (he later shot himself). 

Allowing Students To Carry Weapons

However, there has been a movement to allow students to carry concealed weapons on campus.  Two republicans (from Texas) pushed for a bill that would allow a person to carry a concealed weapon on campus so long as they received a license. There are a few issues with allowing people to carry weapons on campus.  While every person has the freedom to own a weapon (with some exceptions, such as felons), the act of carrying a concealed weapon is a bit different.  Those in favor of allowing people to carry weapons tend to argue not only a constitutional right but a safety concern.  Those against carrying weapons state the concern that multiple people with weapons might have (could this have turned into an old-fashioned shoot-out?). 

In most states, you are allowed to shoot someone in self-defense so long as they are using a roughly equal amount of force against you.   However, should we equip students with weapons? Should they only be allowed to have a concealed weapon after passing several tests?  Is there any place for weapons on a college campus?