By Mark Sweet, ESQ

Perhaps it is a current day urban myth, but maybe it is true, if you date a Kardashain you will have a good sports year.  Kim Kardashian dated Reggie Bush, he won a Superbowl, when they broke up he ended up minus a Heisman trophy and a broken leg.  Kim Kardashian dated Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys, and he received a large contract offer.  Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odom, he won two rings with the Los Angeles Lakers and Coach K continues to sing his praises.  Coincidence? Maybe.
Kim Kardashian

Posting A Reward Poster

But what happens when you lose your good luck charm?  Most people put out flyers seeking return of their good luck charm, usually offering a monetary reward.  However, there are a few interesting legal elements to this reward offer.  Hypothetically, lets say Joe only believes he can win a football game when he has his small white fluffy dog named Kandy Kardashian.  Kandy gets out and Joe is quite concerned.  He posts flyers all over his neighborhood offering a $500 reward.

People want to get the $500 dollar reward, especially a world-renowned white fluffy dog hunter named Panda, so they begin to search.  Panda buys several pieces of tracking software so he can try to find Kandy.  He even goes and tells Joe that he will find Kandy no matter what.  However, 3 days later Joe finds Kandy hiding under his helmet after watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashans.”  Relieved, Joe thinks nothing else about all the flyers he posted.  However, Panda comes knocking on Joe’s door asking for Joe to pay for the software he bought to find Kandy.

Should Panda be able to collect money from Joe?  What should happen if someone finds the lost item and the other person refuses to pay the reward?