Should being fired for being sick be legal? A woman is suing her former employer, a law firm, for allegedly firing her soon after she sent off an email notifying some people in the firm that she would be taking a few weeks off in order to undergo cancer treatment. The law firm contends the woman left on her own will and they have done nothing wrong. Whether or not they violated any laws is a question for the courts.

Employment discrimination laws are pretty clear on many issues, but not so on others. It is a definitely a question to be pondered, should sick employees be protected? What if the Employer will be significantly harmed by the employees inability to do his or her job. On the one hand it probably seems morally repugnant to many to throw a sick person out on the streets, possibly taking away their ability to afford healthcare. On the other hand isn't an employer entitled to hardworking, productive employees who better their business?

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