Allegedly, indicted billionaire R. Allen Stanford offered his wife a $200 million divorce settlement last year, which the wife's lawyer never informed her of. Now the wife of R. Allen Stanford is suing her divorce lawyer for the $200 million. Whether or not the offer ever existed or the lawyer communicated it to her client is a matter for the court. However, it brings up an interesting topic. What are lawyers required to tell their clients?

In a criminal case a lawyer is required to inform his or her client of any plea offer made by the prosecution. Failure to do so could lead to malpractice issues, a new trial and possibly even disbarment or other penalties against the lawyer procured by the state bar. As the Stanford case shows, civil lawyers are required to do something similar. A lawyer must always inform his or her client of any settlement offer made by opposing. Failure to do so could have severe consequences.

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