These days, more and more people are opting to work from home... and for more varied reasons than ever before!  Parents are choosing to work from home so they can stay home with the kids, laid-off workers are starting up home based businesses, entrepreneurs are working from home through an almost entirely online business, and more and more employees telecommuting to work.  It is such an exciting time!

Also, in many areas the cost of child care is more expensive than what many workers can earn working part time.  Alas, many mothers stay at home with the kids.  I just heard about the website called  The site markets itself as a place where you can find real companies that hire work-from-home employees.

However, like with many other great things... there are scams out there.  The Federal Trade Commission even published an article about work-at-home scams to help protect consumers from falling victim to some of the more common schemes such as medical billing, envelope stuffing, home assembly or craft work.   You can access the FTC article by clicking here.

If you're thinking of starting a home-based business, check out the valuable resources in LawInfo's Free Business Resource Center, where you can incorporate your business, find helpful tips about starting a business, and learn about Business Law.   Also, has some cool tools including a small-business start-up assessment and a small resource library.