The Pistachio recall just got bigger...  In connection with the ongoing FDA and CDC investigations into pistachio problem (i.e., that they're contaminated with illness-causing salmonella), it has been discovered that there may have been a lot more cross-contamination of other pistachio lots than initially thought.  And remember.. it's not just raw or roasted pistachio nuts that you should avoid.  Because the pistachios were used as ingredients in a variety of foods, many other products may also be contaminated. Think about baked goods, ice cream,  fruit and nut medleys, snack bars, candy... 

But don't freak out too much... not all pistachios are contaminated.  Only one pistachio processor - Setton International Foods - is involved in the recall (and its voluntary by the way).  Setton's website gives a list of brands selling their pistachios that are subject to the recall, including pistachio's sold by: Delallo, Kirkland Signature / CostCo, Sam's Choice / Wal-Mart, Stater Bros, Trader Joe's, Sunset Valley, Whole Foods Market, and Setton Farms. The FDA website also lists the products containing potentially contaminated pistachios, including:   To find out if a product you have contains Setton pistachios, you can browse or search the FDA website recall list regarding pistachios by clicking here.   Or, you can download a pdf of the entire recall list here.

 Consumers can contact the retailer from whom they purchased the product or the manufacturer of the product to ask if the product contains Setton pistachios.  Consumers also can obtain the latest FDA advice on pistachios and information about what products have been recalled from the FDA website.