BY Katie Marasco, esq

There are currently at least 17 states considering instating a ban on tanning privileges for teenagers.  Such bans would put an age minimum requirement for the use of tanning beds at tanning salons.  Some states, rather than considering an all out ban, want to require parental  or doctor permission before tanning salons will be allowed to enlist teenagers ,under a certain age, as their patrons.

The reason for the ban? cancer fears of course.  Some think at least parental permission is a good idea.  That way it's up to the parents and not the government entirely.  Whether or not the government should be able to outlaw tanning seems an odd question.  But certainly one that might bring up some government infringement issues among certain thinkers.  Regulating tanning is not an entirely new concept however.  At least 29 states already have some sort of regulations on tanning by minors in place, the new laws intend to make them more strict.

So who is hurt by this ban? Well teenagers on a quest to be bronze will certainly not be happy.  But tanning is a $5 billion industry, there will certainly be an economic impact as well.