BY Katie Marasco

If an underage individual, someone under the age of 21 years old, is caught in possession of alcohol or in some states with alcohol their system, they may be ticketed for a minor in possession, minor in consumption, possession of alcohol under the legal age or any similar offense. The language used to describe the offense is different from state to state, as is the punishment. Some states punish an underage individual for testing positive for alcohol in their bloodstream even if an actual beverage is never seen in their possession. Other states require the individual to be in actual physical possession of the alcohol. In all states such an offense is a misdemeanor and usually punishable by a fine, community service, or even the loss of one’s drivers license.

Underage drinking is a serious offense and a misdemeanor will most likely go on the permanent record of the individual. In order to find out more about the implications of an underage alcohol offense please contact a criminal defense attorney in your area or visit LawInfo for free legal resources.