Evicting a tenant may need to be done in court – through what’s called an unlawful detainer action.  It’s a special kind of court process to quickly and legally evict a tenant.  However, you may not even have to go to court if your tenant complies with a valid eviction notice.  So, what are the options?

First, if there is a lease involved and the term is up, then the landlord can send the tenant a letter notifying them that the tenancy will not be renewed for another term.  It is very important to check the rental agreement and applicable law regarding how far in advance this notice must be sent.   These are generally called notices of nonrenewal, or notices to terminate the tenancy.

However, if there has been a problem with a tenant – for instance if the tenant has failed to pay rent or violated some other term of the rental, than you may be able to send an expedited eviction notice.  These are called something along the lines of “Notices to Pay Rent or Quit.”  Usually the landlord must demand the total amount due be paid at this time as well.

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