After a couple in rural Cambodia terminated their 18-year marriage, they sawed their 20-by-24 1/2 foot wooden house in half, say reporters.

“I know this is very strange, but it’s what my husband wanted,” said 35-year old ex-wife Vat Navy. Her now ex-husband, 42-year-old Moeun Sarim, took all of the bits and pieces of his half of the house to his parent’s home nearby.

“He brought his relatives and used saws to cut the house in half,” Vat said, adding that she now owns the other half that is still standing. The house is made from wood and propped up on wooden pillars with a tile roof, typical for a Cambodian country home.

The divorce resulted from Sarim’s apparent jealousy about Navy’s alleged affair with a policeman in the village. Vat has denied having the affair.

“He wanted a divorce, and I said, `Let's divorce,'” Vat said.

“Local officials tried three times to get them to mend their differences, before the sawing the home in two, but the husband would not budge,” reporters said by phone.

OK, so most divorcing couples don’t have the option or desire to literally split their house in half when their marriage has come to an end, but, joint property issues can get quite tedious and problematic in divorce proceedings. If you have questions about joint property, or are considering a divorce, contact a qualified Family Law attorney in your area for more information.