Travis Henry, a former Denver Broncos starting running back, was arrested on September 30th when he tried to buy six kilograms of cocaine at a house in Centennial, according to the DEA. Henry was released by the Broncos earlier in June when Coach Mike Shanahan said his commitment was lacking. Earlier in the year, Henry had successfully appealed a one-year NFL suspension over a failed drug test.

DEA agents were waiting for Henry, accompanied by James Mack, outside the house after the two took possession of the drugs from the seller inside, according to court documents. The arrest came after a two-week investigation involving an unidentified person who was arrested in Montana trying to deliver three kilograms of cocaine and six pounds of marijuana. The unidentified person told investigators the drugs came from Henry and Mack.

Following the arrest, the unidentified person agreed to work with law enforcement and arranged a meeting to give Henry and Mack drugs to payback amounts Henry felt the person owed.

Henry and Mack arrived at a location where the unidentified person gave them a duffle bag containing six kilograms of cocaine, according to court documents. Henry and Mack then left the house with the cocaine.

Police took Mack to the ground immediately, but Henry ran from police until agents caught up with him a few houses away. The DEA says both subjects are being held until federal drug charges are filed Wednesday in a U.S. District Court in Denver. If convicted of conspiring to distribute and possessing with the intent to distribute cocaine, Henry and Mack could spend 10 years to life in prison and face a $4 million fine.