According to a recent DEA news release, drug traffickers are shipping cocaine, concealed inside children’s toy tool boxes, to buyers in Manhattan and the Bronx, New York City.  Drug trafficking is a growing, global industry.  With high demand, plenty of supply, and clever "packaging," like here in kiddie toys, how does law enforcement combat the illegal drug trade?

Anne W. Patterson, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, informs us that a thorough approach is necessary to combat international crime:

"To succeed, a careful balance of antinarcotics education, eradication of illicit drug crops, interdiction and law enforcement, prevention and treatment, as well as the development of alternative livelihoods for reformed coca farmers, is required."

Learn more about the problem of drug trafficking in the United States on the DEA website.

There is an ongoing crack-down on drug related crimes in the U.S. Research continues to show the correlation between drugs and criminal activity.  Defendants charged with a crime involving drugs should contact a criminal defense attorney.