Naomi Campbell has once again graced the world with her model behavior. The 37-year-old British supermodel was arrested at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 on Thursday, April 3, for allegedly spitting at a police officer after one of her bags was lost. London’s Metropolitan Police said Campbell was released from the airport police station just after midnight pending further inquiries, and was told to report to a police station in late May. Campbell has a history of getting physical with assistants and employees, but spitting on a police officer is considered a felony in most jurisdictions, and could cause the fashion queen to be pacing her million-dollar catwalk legs back-and-forth in a jail cell.

Spitting on another person is rude and vile behavior, and although it does not usually cause any injuries or induce physical pain, it legally falls within the scope of offensive touching—which constitutes battery. For the record, battery is the willful or intentional touching of a person against that person’s will by another person, or by an object or substance put in motion by the other person, such as a baseball, or in this case, saliva. A defendant who spits on a plaintiff, even though there is little chance that the spitting will cause any injury other than to the plaintiff's dignity, has indeed committed battery and can be charged with a misdemeanor that is punishable by fines and possible jail time, depending on the circumstances of the case and applicable state laws.

However, spitting on a police officer, fireman or other civil service member is deemed a felony assault, and the consequences that can follow are more severe; i.e. punishable by thousands of dollars in fines and mandatory jail time, also depending on the circumstances of the case.

Thus, in the future Miss Campbell might want to think it over before she spits on another figure of authority. Perhaps she will keep her infamous mouth closed and opt to use her saliva in a more befitting, yet undoubtedly uncommon way...for food digestion.

If you have been the victim of a spit-attack, and want to learn more about your legal rights, contact a Lead Counsel Criminal Defense Attorney in your area today to discuss the litigation options available to you.