Released: November 12, 2007

Attorney Lindsey O'Neill has been designated as LawInfo's new Director of Legal Content and Business Development and has been assigned to LawInfo's corporate headquarters in San Marcos, California. Ms. O'Neill is a resident of San Diego and has been a practicing labor and employment attorney, as well as practicing in the areas of real estate and business, since 2001. Ms. O'Neill is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law and has worked for both traditional law firms, as well as private companies.

As the Director of Legal Content and Business Development, Ms. O'Neill will oversee LawInfo's Legal Resource Center, including all legal FAQs, free legal forms and premier legal documents. Ms. O'Neill will also manage LawInfo's Legal Discussion Boards (chatboards), where consumers can post questions and receive responses to a variety of questions regarding legal matters. In conjunction to this, Ms. O'Neill intends to develop a network of national attorneys (and other legal experts) to moderate specific practice areas on the chatboards. Ms. O'Neill will serve as principle author for the Lead Counsel Corner--a regular blog providing insight and commentary on the latest legal headlines--and will also function in the capacity of business development by identifying new business opportunities, such as partnerships with other businesses and/or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing LawInfo attorney clients and consumers.

Attorney Lindsey O'Neill is also focused on the future of the legal community and has plans to develop a law student focused blog, a law student focused chatboard and sponsorship opportunities for law school students and up-and-coming legal professionals.

"I am thrilled to join the team at LawInfo. With the depth and variety of information available in LawInfo's Legal Resource Center, I look forward to ensuring consumers experience the highest level of satisfaction in easily finding solutions to their legal needs. I also look forward to further developing strategic relationships within the legal information space to bring added value to both consumers and the network of legal professionals who make up the LawInfo community."--Attorney Lindsey O'Neill

For over a decade, LawInfo's mission has been to assist the public in locating qualified attorneys and legal services. Founded in 1994, LawInfo is recognized nationwide as a leader within the legal community. In addition to hosting an extensive legal resource center and listing a national directory in which to locate skilled lawyers, also provides the latest legal news, breaking headlines on FDA-mandated recalls for defective drugs and dangerous products and supplies an index of experienced local and national attorneys who are handling such cases. also provides marketing packages for attorneys and legal professionals crafted by a team of specialists that integrates web design, content development and Internet marketing with targeted traffic-generation tactics.