Released: October 17, 2007

LawInfo has now added qualified catastrophic injury attorneys to its free online national directory. These attorneys are a part of LawInfo's signature service, the Lead Counsel Program, which provides pre-qualified, pre-screened attorneys, including brain injury lawyers, spinal cord injury lawyers, car accident lawyers and catastrophic accident lawyers, through a simple, 2-click accessible attorney directory. The Lead Counsel Program has resulted in the enhanced screening of attorneys' credentials and has become a symbol of quality assurance for consumers searching for legal representation.

A catastrophic injury tends to be devastating and permanent in nature, and usually happens suddenly and without warning. Injuries classified as catastrophic can result in severe disruptions or impairments to one or more bodily systems, such as the neurological, skeletal or muscular system, and can have a severe impact on a victim's life and on those of his or her loved ones. While some people may recover from catastrophic injuries, others may become permanently disabled, are subject to extreme long-term suffering, and/or can experience a significantly shortened lifespan. In addition, physiological damages resulting from catastrophic injuries sometimes do not surface or are not apparent for many years.

Catastrophic injuries can include traumatic head or brain injuries, brain damage, eye injuries resulting in loss of sight, loss of hearing, spinal cord injuries, accidental amputation, severe burns, severe scarring and/or disfigurement, compound or multiple fractures, severe loss of mobility, bodily system damage due to toxic exposure (lead paint poisoning, asbestos, black molds, etc.), paralysis, and/or other neurological disorders.

Seeking the services of a qualified catastrophic injury lawyer can help you or a loved one recoup the costs involved with treating a serious injury and can help secure compensation for damages sustained; i.e. loss of income, loss of mobility, etc. Further, an experienced serious injury attorney, as provided through LawInfo's free national directory, can best advise you on what government benefits may be available and how to go about applying for them.

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