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Ohio medical negligence lawyers, Becker & Mishkind have an impressive record of achieving verdicts and settlements for injuries and losses to our clients caused by medical negligence in cases including those involving catastrophic injury such as traumatic or spinal cord damage, birth injury, brain injury due to deprivation of oxygen, and nursing home abuse and neglect. Attorneys at the law firm include a physician and a psychologist who are uniquely qualified to help demonstrate liability in these difficult cases.

Becker & Mishkind, offer more than ninety cumulative years of experience as trial attorneys, and have the resources to represent your interests effectively against negligent health care providers.

Becker & Mishkind is a personal injury law firm dedicated to professionally, thoroughly and aggressively representing victims of medical, hospital and nursing home negligence. The Ohio medical negligence lawyers represent clients located in Mercer, Auglaize, Logan, Union, Delaware, Knox, Holmes, Tuscarawas, Carrol, Jefferson, Licking, Coshocton, Darke and Shelby counties. Free Consultation! Call today - 888-490-2537


Secured $25.5 million dollar verdict:

Baby Doe was delivered at ABC Hospital in 1994. Her mother experienced a complication just before delivery that led to oxygen deprivation in Baby Doe. This case had previously been rejected by another prominent Cleveland law firm. At trial, Mr. Becker proved that the hospital failed to follow its own protocol for an obstetrical emergency. Prior to trial, a mock jury was utilized to help focus on the important issues of the case from a lay perspective. During trial, shadow jurors were used to follow the court proceedings. Becker adjusted his presentation during trial to meet the concerns of the shadow jurors as they arose. After two and one-half days of deliberation, the jury awarded $17,000,000.00 to Baby Doe and her parents. Because the hospital failed to make a good faith settlement offer before trial, Becker obtained an additional $8,500,000.00 in prejudgment interest. Baby Doe's ultimate judgment is one of the largest malpractice medical malpractice verdicts in the history in the State of Ohio.

Secured $7 million dollar verdict:

Medical malpractice case. Client was transferred from the PACU to an unmonitored medical floor without an EKG monitor, without pulse oximetry monitoring, and without continuous blood pressure monitoring. Less than four hours later he was found in cardiopulmonary arrest. The patient experienced a cardiorespiratory arrest that has resulted in anoxic encephalopathy.

Litigated a $3.1 million dollars compensatory, $3 million dollars punitive settlement in a medical malpractice wrongful death case against a hospital.

Wrongful death case. The plaintiff's decedent, a special needs young adult, developed a need for dialysis secondary to cystic medullary disease. Because plaintiff had to return to work, it was necessary to hire a health care professional to baby sit or otherwise watch plaintiff's decedent during dialysis. Plaintiff's decedent had previously demonstrated a tendency to play or fidget or tug at her catheter lines during dialysis if she wasn't preoccupied. The home health care group, Medlink, hired a convicted felon contrary to Ohio statute to stay with plaintiff's decedent. On the day in issue, the Medlink employee abandoned plaintiff's decedent which enabled plaintiff's decedent to pull out her catheter line resulting in an air embolism and a severe anoxic injury. Plaintiff's decedent lived for a few weeks thereafter before dialysis was discontinued resulting in plaintiff's decedent's death. Prejudgment interest proceedings are pending. Furthermore, the defendant Medlink has appealed to the Eighth District Court of Appeals.

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