The Firm is internationally recognized for its many achievements in aviation law and is regularly involved in aviation accident litigation around the world.

"Our firm is one of a few well established practitioners in the field of aviation law, having represented victims of aviation accidents for over forty years. Our attorneys deal directly with our clients, not through paralegals and assistants. We provide caring, compassionate, personal attention to our clients, many of whom have suffered through great personal tragedy."

-Krutch Lindell

Washington aviation lawyers, Krutch Lindell serves Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, Olympia, Bainbridge Island, and throughout the State of Washington. For more information call 866-435-1794 or visit the website.

Significant Aviation Accident Cases

The Firm has been involved in the representation of personal injury victims and the survivors of those killed in more than 25 major air disasters and in more than 175 general aviation and military aircraft crashes, including:

  • Aeroferinco, LET 410 UVP-E (crash), Chichen Itza, Mexico
  • Birgenair, Boeing 757 (crash) - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  • American Airlines, Flight 102, DC-10 (runway crash) – Honolulu to Dallas
  • Alaska Airlines, Flight 261, MD-83 (crash) - near Ventura, California
  • El Al Airlines, Boeing 747-200 (crash) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Pan American Airlines/KLM Airlines, Boeing 747 - Canary Islands
  • Icelandic Airlines, DC-8 (hard landing)
  • Lufthansa Airlines, Boeing 747 (crash) – Nairobi
  • Pan American Airlines, DC-8 (crash) - Pago Pago
  • United Airlines, Boeing 747 (door loss) - Hawaii to New Zealand
  • Lauda Airlines, Boeing 767 – 300 (crash) – Thailand
  • Alaska Airlines, Boeing 727 (crash) - Juneau, Alaska
  • United Airlines, Boeing 737-200 (crash) – Chicago
  • Hughes Airlines, DC-9 (crash) - Wemme, Oregon
  • Mexicana Airlines, Boeing 727 (in-flight fire and crash) – Mexico
  • Eastern Airlines, DC-9 (crash) - Denver, Colorado
  • Alaska Airlines, MD-82 (runway crash) - PV Mexico to Sea-Tac (1997)
  • Air Portugal, Boeing 727 (runway crash) – Portugal
  • American Airlines, Lockheed Electra (prop accident) – Washington
  • Capital International Airlines, DC-8 (crash) – Newfoundland
  • Alaska Airlines, Boeing 727 (decompression) - Los Angeles to Portland
  • Japan Airlines, Boeing 747 (crash) - Tokyo to Osaka
  • USAF C5A (military air crash) – Saigon
  • Turkish Airlines, DC-10 (crash) - Paris, France

More than half of the cases handled by Krutch Lindell involve the victims of aviation accidents, but they also have impressive credentials in the prosecution of cases involving:

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