By Lori Burk
Law Office of Steven B. Leavitt

Is it laziness or necessity that is the mother of invention? I think it is both. For years I have been blow-drying my hair, and for years I have been looking for a something that would hold my blow dryer in an upright position while it was still on.

I knew what I was looking for and I started my search. Nothing. So for years this little idea just sat on the back burner of my brain. It wasn’t until I was watching my teenage daughter drying her hair that prompted me to act on my idea. What my invention is doesn’t really matter for the purpose of this article. What is of importance is the process that I had to go through to get my idea from the back burner of my brain to the front.

I started hunting for this particular kind of holder in all the beauty supply stores and always came out empty. “Sorry," the employees would say. “I know what your looking for and we have people come in all the time and ask for that, but we don’t carry anything like what you want." Sound familiar?

Next stop: the Internet. After spending countless hours searching an answer, I thought to myself, “since I can’t find one, I might as well invent one. Next a trip to the local craft store coupled with several unsuccessful prototypes and voila! I got it and it worked perfectly. It was such a simple idea, I was sure that someone else had already thought of it. But just what if no one else had? Could I get a patent on my little invention?

I knew that it worked, and I knew that there was a need so I started doing my homework. I went on the internet to do some research. I did some calculations as to how many blow dryers were out there and the possibilities were over whelming. I started getting very excited! I knew I had something! I could feel it in my gut. But what do I do next?

For me, my invention became an obsession. I thought about it when I was driving, when I was at the beauty salon watching stylists blow dry hair…another market! At my kids sports games…at the grocery store…everywhere I looked I would see people using my invention. By day, I was constantly making notes about my ideas – anything and everything that popped into my head, I wrote it down. At night I dreamt about it. It had taken on a life of its own and I was my invention’s servant.

I began asking friends and relatives for the names of patent attorneys and began contacting them and setting up appointments. I met with them all. One name that was referred to me was Attorney Steven B. Leavitt. I checked out his website and after reading about him and his firm, I made the first contact.

I spoke on the phone several times to his staff, submitted an Information Disclosure Form, was advised to move on and have a limited patent search performed and then I scheduled a face-to-face meeting. His fees were right in line with the other patent attorneys even a bit lower in many cases. As we spoke further during that first meeting, I knew I had found my patent attorney. It was a connection that I felt and I just knew that he was the kind of person that I could work with and that he just “got it." He had the right kind of experience (was a patent examiner for almost 4 years), he was eager, and he too thought that I had a unique idea.

I have never attempted to invent anything before, but because of my experience with Steven and his team, I have the bug! I know I can do it. Steven and Jillian, his office manager, have explained every step of the patent process to me - fee schedules, what to expect next, what I need to do and when I need to do it, they always answer all of my questions, and keep me informed of everything that is going on concerning my patent. I have never had any surprises as to the process or the costs. I am excited as to what the future holds. I LOVE being an inventor!

Steven Leavitt has fourteen years of combined experience in the technology and law fields. Attorney Steven Leavitt and Jillian Freed host an interactive Internet radio show about intellectual property law and answer questions from budding inventors. If you would like advertising information or would like to be a guest on the show, call 1-877-279-3003.