(PRNewswire) BOHEMIA, N.Y. - As if consumers didn't have enough reasons to feel like they were on unsteady financial ground, along comes a new bankruptcy law that will soon make it more difficult for many Americans to get out from under their debt.

In an answer to the government's latest bankruptcy law, Pay Help, Inc., a consumer-money management solution, is offering a software program with the potential to change the way people treat and feel about their money.

According to Robert Lovinger, President and C.E.O. of Pay Help, Inc., "It is more important than ever, for consumers to have a financial roadmap and be committed to living it. Our program is designed to do just that. We will work with individuals to develop a strategy that is customized to fit their needs and we then make it totally automatic by managing their cash flow for them. Our goal is to not only devise a plan, but also to remove the stress and indecision that usually derails it."

The basis behind the program is a system developed by Lovinger called The Financial Life System. The system is built around a cash flow management plan that automatically separates the household income at the time it is earned, into essential funds and non-essential funds. The essential funds consist of money needed for savings and bill management, while the non- essential funds represent discretionary spending.

"This system creates a shortcut for individuals and families in the development of positive financial habits," says William Futtersak, Ph.D., Executive Director of FreshStart Financial Coaching, a network of clinicians who counsel individuals and families on various financial topics. "The real value is the reduction of guilt and stress in the home. Virtually all the finger pointing and doubt is eliminated when decisions about household funds are planned and then implemented automatically," said Futtersak.