Marylin Beck, personal injury attorney in Massachusetts, speaks about the importance of selecting the right attorney.

Most people need a personal injury lawyer because they, a friend, or a loved one has been seriously injured by the negligent conduct of another. Often a personal injury client is in crisis and has no idea how to find a good personal injury lawyer. It is important to find a personal injury lawyer quickly, but even more important to find the right lawyer. You can ask a family member, friend and/or even a colleague, but chances are, they don’t know where or how to look either. In Massachusetts we encourage all lawyers to refer cases which are beyond their area of expertise to lawyers who have more experience in that area of the law. The referring lawyer will be paid a fee; therefore it is in his/her best interest to make sure your claim is handled properly. A Massachusetts lawyer who does not handle personal injury cases should be able to refer you to the most experienced personal injury lawyer who does handle your type of claim. Once you have the name of the attorney, make an appointment to meet the attorney in their office and take a family member or friend with you. When you meet the attorney, make sure to interview the attorney as you would a prospective employee. Key questions that I would ask are:
What type of experience in the Massachusetts Court system have you had?
What types of cases have you handled?
Are they similar to my type of case?
How many trials have you been in?
How many have you won?
How will you involve me in my case?
Make sure to ask for references, both professional and past clients.

The references will be people the attorney thinks will speak highly of them. Make sure to listen carefully and ask probing questions.

Finally, get on the Internet and find the lawyer’s Web site to learn all you can about the attorney. Compare your attorneys’ credentials with the other attorneys in that field of law. In Massachusetts, personal injury cases take years to progress through the court. You will have a long relationship with the lawyer you chose to represent you. Make sure to make the right choice, as you want the relationship to be a good one.

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