CHP SettlementCivil rights activists announced that they had reached a settlement in the case of a California Highway Patrol officer who was captured on video punching a woman. The lawsuit settled on Wednesday for $1.5 million in financial restitution. The officer who allegedly assaulted the woman also agreed to resign.

Officer Punched the Woman in the Head 9 Times

The video footage shows the officer punching the woman in her head nine times while he straddles over the top of her body. The LA Times reports that, according to the California Highway Patrol Commissioner, the settlement money will fund a special needs trust that will finance the injured woman's long-term care. Still, civil rights activists continue to cry foul, saying that the incident was a horrifying example of civil rights abuse and police brutality.

According to the director of Project Islamic Hope, the settlement does not absolve the officer of blame or culpability under criminal law. He wants the Los Angeles County District Attorney to prosecute the man for his alleged and unnecessary beating of the woman.

The highway patrol claims that the officer was merely trying to prevent the woman from wandering into the path of traffic. The police logs say that the woman refused to listen to the officer and he became physically combative. The woman, on the other hand, says that she did not provoke the officer. She says that she was merely trying to find a place where she could sleep for the night, when the officer suddenly came up from behind and tackled her to the ground.

Victims of Police Brutality Can Fight Back

When police officers use excessive force while carrying out their jobs, individuals could suffer serious and potentially fatal injuries. These injured victims -- even if it is proved that they committed a crime -- may have valid legal claims for financial restitution relating to their injuries. Police officers and police departments who use excessive force can and should be held accountable for any unnecessary injuries and harm that they inflict upon the public.